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Rekindling A Mature Woman's Sex Drive

by Dorothy Marx

If you're sexually experienced, and have had any long term relationships, if you haven't already, you'll run into this problem: your woman doesn't want to have sex anymore. I don't care how big your dick is, or how well you eat pussy, most mature women will eventually lose their sex drive at some point in the relationship (nymphos aside). For most mature women, this usually occurs right after they have a kid or two, and it's actually very common for mature women to lose their sex drives after such. So, how can you revive it? Again, this is something that I learned through experience.

I think that a lot of men fail to realize that mature women simply don't work the way that we do. When we get stressed out, we can still have sex in an instant. When mature women get stressed out? You can forget her wanting to have sex with you. It amazes me how many men haven't figured this out yet. If your sex life has begun to suck, and you notice your girl complaining, always tired, etc., then you should probably start looking into ways to get her to relax.

What has worked with me in the past, is I'll lay off of any harsh criticisms and comments, I'll express more patience, and as much as I hate it, I'll take the time and have multiple conversations to help me understand her emotions and what she's going through. For a lot of mature women, they don't need you to analyze and offer solutions; they just want to be able to vent, want you to listen, and to just show that you care about how she's feeling. This alone will bring back the sex drives of most mature women. Don't pressure her into sex; just sit back and try to understand her.

For some mature women, they just need a change in sexual activities. One of the things that one of my "lesbian" exes use to tell me is that she wasn't gay. After awhile, and several conversations over time, I came to figure out that she wasn't gay; she just needed a change of pace in sexual activity. According to a recent Loveawake dating site study routine is the enemy of man when it comes to mature women. If mature women get use to anything, they lose interest and desire. This is exactly why it's a good thing to switch things up and try something new every now and then. The longer you are together, the kinkier mature women will get, and what use to get them off once upon a time just won't cut it now.

And while we're on the subject of routine, too many men jump straight into sex. Many forget that although sex with your woman is guaranteed, she still wants to feel sexy. This means taking your time and not jumping straight into the action. There's more to sex than just rolling over and sticking your dick in a hole. And sometimes, oral sex priorhand isn't enough either. Many mature women just like the feeling of being kissed over and over again. And they enjoy it when you take your time to explore their bodies and whatnot.

When guys get into relationships, they oftentimes forget to keep making their woman feel sexy. I hate cuddling and PDA, but I do it anyway. Why? Because mature women need to feel sexy. A lot of mature women will just stop having sex due to the fact that their spouse no longer makes them feel sexy. He doesn't graze her cheek, play with her fingers, twirl her hair, show her off, and tell her how pretty she is. Little things like that can go a long way with mature women. Make her blush whenever the opportunity to do so arises. It may not make any sense to you, but they enjoy it.

And finally, men forget that mature women love plot lines. The number one selling chick porn? Romance novels. There are going to be times when you know you can have sex, but it's better off to hold out. You gotta dance with her a little and play with her emotions some. You gotta give her interesting stories that she'll never forget and wanna brag to her friends about experiencing. Mature women want to feel like they're in romance novels. And when you treat her like she's just a procedure, she just feels incredibly unsexy and unimportant.

The reason why I can keep so many mature women putting up with my bullshit for so long, is because I'm constantly providing them fodder to tell their friends about. If you want sex, then you gotta make mature women feel sexy. They want to be treated like flesh and blood individuals, and not some machine that is just one of many.

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